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Profession: Blogger & Social Media Influencer
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Welcome to the crazy little part of the world where I reside! I am a mom and stepmom of seven kids ranging in age from 7 to 30, I have two granddaughters, two dogs that are treated like kids, and a 6ft 5 in tall husband who can't be convinced that he isn't a kid! To say that there is some chaos at times is an understatement! Somehow I keep it together despite Asperger’s and Vascular Ehlers-Danlos.

My team and I specialize in social media marketing, product placement, affiliate sales, product exposure, and general social media influencer goodies :) We can highlight your content, products, or services to an engaged audience on a highly active social media platform.
Listening : Fluent Speaking : Fluent Writing : Fluent
Winning The Internet
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Over a decade of writing, operating multiple social media outlets creating engaging and relatable content, helping startups be seen and obtain sales, managing over 45,000 a month in affiliate revenue consistently, and managing a team of 32 people across the country...All with a smile on my face and keeping an online community of 1/4 million people engaged. Our reach often fluctuates to over 25 million on Facebook alone. At the time of this summary, our Pinterest impression count is 411 million in the last 30 days

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