Frequently Asked Questions

How does Virore work?

Virore is a marketplace where you can simply locate any influencer who will assist you in attaining your company or personal objectives. Or, you might become an influencer and offer your own services to earn money. And you do not need to register several accounts because you may do the aforementioned actions simultaneously by moving between roles inside a single account.

What is the cost to use Virore?

The creation of a Virore account is completely free.

What types of services are available on Virore?

Virore has assembled influencers from around the globe in one location. Here https://virore.com/services there are a variety of influencer services available. Find the service that meets your unique needs

How can I locate influencers using Virore?

Catalogs are the greatest approach to locate influencers. Customize the search to your specifications and view the results

How do I select the appropriate influencer?

It depends on the type of influencers you want. If you would want to collaborate with some of our influencers, we recommend that you pay close attention to their specialization and experience, as this will help you determine their degree of knowledge in their specific area of expertise. In addition, examine their profiles to view examples of their work in the gallery and their review rating to determine their performance level on Virore. Visit their profiles to obtain the most up-to-date statistics for their social networks and assess their degree of involvement; the higher the rate, the greater your chances of reaching your target audience with the promotion.

Can I receive a refund if I am not pleased with the final outcomes of my order?

If you are unhappy with the outcomes of your order, please contact our support staff at letstalk@virore.com for assistance with your concern.

How many followers am I required to have in order to join Virore as Influencer?

An influencer may provide services on Virore if their social network account has at least 5000 followers.

What type of advertising can I provide as Influencer?

It is entirely your decision. We recommend that you give a promotion that is pertinent to your social network and category. You may also check out what other influencers have to offer for inspiration. The only limitations are those imposed by your imagination and inventiveness.

What factors influence my Influencer profile's ratings?

Your Review score is the sole variable that may affect your profile. The greater your score, the more successful transactions you accomplish.

How many social media accounts am I allowed as influencer?

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok are supported by Virore. One account may be used to link to each of these networks.

Where do predicted costs originate for Influencers?

These rates are a recommendation based on the most recent market trends in connection to the data from your social networks, including the amount of followers and interaction. We feel that if you adhere to these suggestions, you will be able to obtain additional offers. You may, however, select the pricing you consider to be optimal for your offer.

How can I obtain my funds as Influencer?

Everything you earn on Virore.com is added to your Virore account balance. Your cash can be withdrawn to your Bank account or paypal/stripe account.

Can I cancel a previously made order?

You may accept the order to begin fulfilling it, or you may deny it if you are not willing to complete it at this time. If you have accepted the order and then wish to cancel it, please contact Virore Support : influencer@virore.com for assistance

What should I do if a buyer proposes to continue our discussion off-platform? (as Influencer)

Please note that it is expressly prohibited by our standards for you to offer or accept the opportunity to interact and work outside the platform, share or trade personal contact information, or make or agree to take side payments. The violation of these rules will not be allowed and may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

What should I do if I cannot connect to my social network account as Influencer?

First, please ensure that the account you're attempting to join is publicly accessible and set to business or creator mode. Additionally, ensure that you are connected into your social network account in the same browser that you are using to view Virore. If none of the information above applies to your situation, please contact Virore Support influencer@virore.com for more assistance.

What are the applicable service costs for influencers?

We charge 20% from each payment made to you.

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